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How to clean Sofa

How to clean Sofa

Jelena Petkovic |


We understand a sofa is often a large investment and you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. With proper care, a high-quality sofa can last many years. Here are some top tips to follow to care for your sofa and ensure it lasts longer.



  • Clean It Regularly


Dirt can damage fabric over time, so make sure you clean your sofa regularly to remove dust and debris. Be gentle on the upholstery by using a special brush attachment with your vacuum.


*Keep your sofa stain-free


Clean up spills immediately to prevent stains from setting in. Blot liquids gently and don’t rub them in, and consider using an upholstery cleaner.


  • Keep out of direct sunlight


Direct sunlight can fade fabric following prolonged exposure. Position your sofa away from windows, or block direct sunlight using blinds or curtains.


  • Use Throws

Protect high-contact areas like armrests by using throws. A good throw or blanket will also provide added protection from spills.